The Dog Book Blog Tour & Giveaway

A blog tour and a giveaway to celebrate the release of


April 24th @

April 27th @
A Tale of Two Puppies
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April 30th @
Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles
Unforeseen Challenges of Writing Nonfiction
(a contribution to IWSG)

May 7th @
May 17th @
An Interview!

May 21st
Tour Closes @ The Doglady's Den

Life Post-Tour
Some of the very, very generous blogger friends who offered to host me and the dog book weren't able to fit in the posts during the tour. Stay tuned for posts at these lovely sites:

May 23rd @
Birgit's BBCreations
Dog Movies: Yea or Nay?

Lisa Bregant's Heartprints Pets

Donna B. McNicol's Our Prime Years

The Giveaway
Three signed paperback copies of
It's About the Dog
mailed to you directly from Curaçao 
(Please note: may include dog hair and the odd paw print.)

Every time you comment on a post in the blog tour—the ones listed here above—your name will be put in a hat. You can comment as many times, and on as many posts, as you want; each time your name will be added to the hat. On May 23th we'll have the drawing (via random number generator) and we'll announce the three winners the next day here at this blog and on this page.

Winners will be notified via email, if I have it already or I can find the address at your blog or website. Failing that, the second option will be to leave a comment on your blog or website. Some blogs have comments disabled, so we do have a third—and last—option: via social media, if I can find links to your Twitter or Facebook profile. You'll need to reply and send me your mailing address in order to claim your prize. Please note that, due to Curaçao registered mail policy, this cannot be a P.O. box. If you'd rather not disclose your address, you may choose to receive instead a PDF copy of the book. If I figure out a way of signing PDFs I'll gladly sign that one, but otherwise you'd be receiving an unsigned copy.

Winners will have until May 31st to claim their prizes (i.e., send me either their mailing address or the request for a PDF instead). If I haven't heard from you by June 1st, the prize will be re-raffled and all the previous winner's claims will be forfeit.

The signed copies will be mailed to you as soon as I receive them (and, of course, sign them), which may take a while... Curaçao mail, whether incoming or outgoing, is not exactly speedy. But I'll confirm to you when your package has been sent, and I can even provide a website where you can track it (at least in theory... here in the islands things don't always work the way one expects them to).


  1. Hello Guilie, Enjoyed what you wrote on Wag and Woof Blog. All of my dogs have been rescues and when they came home with me they acted as if they were always with me. Except for my current fellow, Alex. It took him a few months to feel comfortable with me. He was a stray from a not great area. How he survived amazes me. He is a small guy. Now he is my shadow and I love him to bits! Thank you for the giveaway. Good luck with your gang! Susan

  2. Hi Guilie, you and CARF are true heroes in my eyes. Thank you for being there for dogs less fortunate. Continued success with your book tour and on the streets of your island paradise. My own puppy mill survivor, Elsa who started having seizures a couple weeks after I adopted her has provided me with so much...some tears naturally because a puppy mill survivor is such a hard thing to witness but mostly heartfelt smiles as she is learning how to become a fantastic dog. Blessings!

  3. Hi Guille. I just received a copy of It's about a Dog in the mail. What a wonderful surprise! I'm so grateful for the generous gift and can't wait to read and review. Thank you so much for your kindness. :-D

  4. A quick note to thankyou for writing this book. We're planning to get a rescue dog in the future. Your book is a wealth of good advice and information - exactly what we needed.


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