Monday, February 1, 2016

How Pélagie Solak Became The Crazy Dog Lady — The Lost & Found hop

Then he says, in what might be a Guinness Record for Most Awkward Change of Subject: "You never told me how you got involved in dog rescuing."
     "You mean how I became the crazy dog lady?" She grins, blows at the surface so the water ripples. "Don't apologize. Living with eighteen dogs qualifies me, I think. I'm even proud of it, which makes it so much more dysfunctional."
     He laughs, and when she looks at him, the smoldering sunset lights her face like sun through stained glass.
     "You really want to know?"
     "I really do."
     "It's a long story. And corny. Maudlin."
     "I like maudlin." A lie, but it sounds convincing. Good lawyer, good boy. Or maybe it's not a lie. Because Luis is discovering he's fallen in love.

~ When The Sunset, The Miracle of Small Things

Pélagie Solak tells her story, of how she became "the crazy dog lady" (her words, not ours), to the book's protagonist, Luis Villalobos, off-stage—or is it off-page? Off-book? Either way, I thought the Lost & Found hop was a great excuse to share it—and to do it here, on the Dog Blog.

(It's not as long as Pélagie thinks, by the way. Funny how our own stories always seem longer and more convoluted to tell than others', eh? Plus... we can only guess at the version she tells Luis. This is, however, how it began.)