Sunday, November 29, 2015

Funny-bone Sunday

I will not stop laughing at this all day. That last line...

Happy Sunday!

Oh, by the way... I'm over at awesome Michele Truhlik's blog, Angels Bark, talking about the dangers of animal advocacy in fiction... And the work-around I (think I) found for writing THE MIRACLE OF SMALL THINGS. I'd love to know if you think it'll work, as well as what your experience has been in "preaching beyond the choir", so to speak, when it comes to animal welfare.

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  1. Now that is funny. I could see me do the same thing...and he is fluffy

    1. I have, actually, done this :D And yes, he really is fluffy. I don't know how anyone resists those pet store puppies... they look so sad and forlorn in those cages without their mom. I'd take them all home if I could—and if it didn't foster even more puppies being bred :(

      Thanks for the visit, Birgit!


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