Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A-Z of #Dog Rescue: Easy Street — #AtoZChallenge

Not every rescue is a Via Crucis—and I apologize if I’ve given you that impression so far. It’s the alphabet’s fault. If E came before C, I could've let you wade slow into the world of rescuing, instead of throwing you into the deep end of the impossible catches.

Sometimes rescue just… flows. Sometimes the stars seem to align for the rescuer—and for the dog. 

Please ignore the corny music. I'd suggest turning down the audio, but the rescue talk is worth listening to.

This dog not only puts up zero fight but seems to have been waiting for her rescuers. My favorite scene is at about 1:20, when the human is handing out the chew sticks :D

This dog didn't trust the rescuers—but did allow the girl who'd been feeding her to pick her up with no complaints. Once she was handed off, she showed no signs of aggression or defensiveness. Did her poor health have something to do with her submissiveness? Maybe. It almost seems as if she understood she needed human help.

This one was much more skittish, and he fought the leash a bit—but only for, like, a second. (Did you notice his reaction to having his head touched?) And, even though he was visibly scared, once in the car you can see how he relished human touch. Maybe his advanced age played a role; he was too tired to fight. Or maybe he had memories of human love somewhere in his past. We'll never know.


The truth is, though, that rescuing—even of the most difficult dog—isn't the hardest part. Finding a forever home for them is.

I thought about making tomorrow's post, for F, on Finding Fosters & Forever Homes... and then decided against it. This series is about the actual hands-on job of getting a dog off the street and to safety. So, instead, tomorrow I'll talk about the pros and cons of using food to gain a dog's trust. (And I'll wait for May to get the Fosters & Forever Homes post off my chest.)

Thank you so much for visiting. I so appreciate every comment, every bit of feedback, every story and experience you contribute. No one is an island, but rescuers least of all. And you're all wonderful, wonderful people. It's an honor to have you as readers at this blog.


  1. It's nice to see that not all rescues are totally stressful - for the rescuers as well as for the rescued. Sharing.

    Keith Channing A-Zing from

  2. Hi. I have always loved your posts and I really admire the work you do.. I come from a family of dog lovers but totally unaware of the rescue aspect. So I am increasing my knowledge here. And that's what I love about atozchallenge.

  3. Those clips are so precious. More folks should know - just once - the unforgettable feeling of earning a dog's trust. Bless your heart for spreading the message:-)

  4. What breaks my heart is that we live in such a throw-away society, the plight of the dogs just highlights that fact.

  5. Amazing post! My husband and I rescued a few dogs when we were living in Spain... it wasn't a task we chose, it was just one of those things that you have to do when you see an animal in distress.

  6. Amazing post! My husband and I rescued a few dogs when we were living in Spain... it wasn't a task we chose, it was just one of those things that you have to do when you see an animal in distress.

  7. Sorry, I don't have any rescue stories to share. But I do enjoy coming here and learning more. The videos are very informative too. How can someone just abandon an animal?

  8. You're doing a wonderful thing, Guilie, thank you. I'm learning a great deal, and so much more than is shared on the rescue shows on Animal Planet.

  9. I'm enjoying your informative posts for A-Z. This one reminded me that I have done a rescue before. It was so easy that I completely forgot about it. The dog came up to us (we were with our shelter dog) and wouldn't leave us alone. We spent an hour or two looking for her owners, but couldn't find anyone, so we took her home and began calling friends. She had a forever home the next day.

    Urszula Humienik from

  10. Somehow these videos where all the more heart breaking because these dogs were so quick to trust and wanted the affection

  11. I'm pretty much used to crying through these videos now. I don't know whether to thank you for that or not.

  12. I never thought I would be able to rescue a dog - adopt, definitely, but as a rescue - I would be too afraid - but I feel a little bit better about it and maybe a little braver.

  13. I'm sure that this is such a small portion of the rescues, but it must be so nice for the rescuers to occasionally have one that is "simple" like these!

    I really like that you are including the videos with each of your posts, too. It's so nice to see happy endings :)

    Tracy (Black Boots, Long Legs)

  14. Awww! These videos got me. Every time I visit, a story idea I filed away years ago pokes its head out and begs to be petted. May have to run that idea by you one day:)

    The AtoZ of EOS

  15. This breaks my heart.. I feel so bad for these dogs. I just don't understand humans.

  16. How wonderful those dogs were rescued less traumatically than most. It's heartbreaking that people abandon animals like that. Hard not to cry.

  17. If only they could be that easy, huh?
    Fabulous videos Guilie! I'll have to check into the Paws for Hope organization...
    They really have it down, don't they?

    Michele at Angels Bark


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