Friday, February 16, 2018

Best Response *EVER* to Idiots Who Want Purebred Dogs!

A friend just posted this article on Facebook, and I had to share. All rescuers are intimately familiar, unfortunately, with those racist bigots who only want to have 'purebred' dogs—yes, racist bigots; what else would you call someone who exhibits overt and shameless prejudice towards race, country of origin, or ancestry?

So... this happened in Brazil. One of these racist bigots was interested in adopting a dog—but it had to be a purebred, "preferably an English Cocker [Spaniel]", because she didn't like "vira latas" ('mutts') due to "aesthetic reasons".

(The story is in Portuguese, but I've translated, loosely, the gist here.)

Magno's response, in green: "Hi! Yes, I do have one available."

Racist bigot Claudia, probably feeling all warm and fuzzy at the prospect of soon having her purebred puppy at home, goes on to ask what the adoption requirements are.

And that's when the dream shattered.

Magno: "Claudia, are you English? English Cockers [sic] only want to be adopted by people of pure English backgrounds, they don't like people of mixed ancestry due to a matter of aesthetics."

(Give me a second. I need to collect myself here.)

Understandably, Claudia is somewhat taken aback. Surprised, she replies, "Wow. What?!"

And Magno, hero that he is, replies, "Yeah, just like you! I'll be waiting to receive the documents that prove your English background in order to proceed with the adoption of the English Cocker. Good day."

I can't stop laughing. And the next time I get one of those racist bigots in my face about 'purebreds' and how mixed breeds can never match up, yadda yadda, I'll know exactly what to say.


  1. Oh that is brutal.

    I have to confess, I love purebred dogs. But, my dogs pick me. Fortunately, they don't mind that I am mixed too. lol I have three purebreeds and seven mixed. My Pomeranian has a genetic mange problem that I have to treat. The dachshund is cool. The pitbull is a Misuderstood lovebug. I thought she was a mix breed. It is just my luck to get all the trouble and hassle of an unpopular full breed. The horse farm next door just knows she will kill a horse. Turkeys.

    A dog is a dog whether they be purebreed or not. I love their loyalty, good nature, yada, yada, yada.

  2. I would have thought most dogs are mixed now-a-days. Like people, how can one be truly pure-breed? So much variety, and that is truly the spice of life.

  3. Hahahaaaa! I love it!! Good for him.

  4. As clever a comeback as that was, unfortunately, it may have kept a dog from being adopted. There probably wasn't a Cocker at all, but the woman may have been willing to come take a look at some of the other pets in need. There is nothing wrong with being attracted to certain breeds. My two dogs are mixed breeds, but mixes of my preferred breeds. If one wants a spaniel, one wants a spaniel. I think pits can be wonderful pets, but I don't want one. The worst things done to dogs are tail docking (remember it severs their spinal cords!) and ear cropping. It's inhumane and barbaric. It looks "funny" to see spaniels with tails, but hey, setters have them, and they are beautiful feathery tails.


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