Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Happiness is NOW (#atozchallenge)

Dogs don't put caveats on happiness. They don't think, "I'll be happy when my human comes back," or "when I get my dinner," or "with a newer, less chewed-up toy."

Dogs live in the moment. They deal with stuff as it happens--not before it happens.

Dogs don't live in the future--or in the past. Whatever happened before is over; whatever's coming isn't happening yet.

For dogs, it's all about the now

Wouldn't it be great if we could live like that, too? Why are we humans obsessed with the past and the future? Can we stop? Should we stop?


  1. Wow! Amazing post! Today matters! Such a valuable lesson! Too many people are often living in the past! N some in the future...rarely today!

  2. Hi there! Visiting you via the A to Z Blogging Challenge. I'm a dog rescuer too. Or should I say, they rescue me! We have three and although they are a handful, I can't imagine life with out them. I look forward to following your posts! ~ Susan

  3. Such an awesome lesson to learn from dogs! Living in the moment is all about enjoying and savoring the present, realizing the beauty and happiness in the NOW... thank for sharing a fab lesson, Guilie :) ♥

  4. I agree. People would be way happier if we all thought more like dogs.

  5. Wow. What a great way to bring out a point. Stopping by via the A to Z challenge. :)

  6. We can learn so much from dogs. It really would be great to appreciate now a bit more like a dog.

    A to Z Participant
    LittleCely's Blog

  7. isn't it true-we should live in the now but cherish the beauty from the past and welcome the unexpected future which we have no control overin so many ways. I came across your blog through another blog-lol I have to try to find you on the big list:) which # are you?? We rescued our current doggie Wallace-from Louisiana and is still terrified of the outside after 4.5 yrs. We tried rescue remedy, thundershirt(made him worse) went to 3 different trainers/behaviourists. he is much better but still hates the outside especially when there is loud popping noises(nail gun for roofs). We think he was shot at due to a scar he had when we got him and how he reacts to these certain noises(had to mute the TV when watching a WW2 program). Love your writings:)

  8. Almost all self-help books say, "Live in the moment" in these or other words. Many people read these books and resolve to "live in the moment". Dogs actually practise "living in the moment"! Probably one of the most important lessons we can learn from dogs!

  9. No wonder my dogs are always so happy :0)
    Happy A-Z April!


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