Monday, April 28, 2014

Xanax, Eat Your Heart Out (#atozchallenge)

Depression seems to be the illness of our times. Everyone's either depressed, has been depressed, or knows someone who is. Xanax, and its fellow multi-colored pills, can be found in bathroom cabinets and bedside tables everywhere.

Is anyone getting better, though?

In my not-so-humble opinion, they're taking the wrong medicine. The wrong approach. I propose

Puppy Therapy!

One-on-one therapy at home has produced excellent results. Intensive out-patient therapy is available--free of charge--at your local shelter or rescue organization. For severe cases, we recommend volunteering at least once a week with a rescue organization. Aside from the endorphins your brain produces around chubby, furry, warm, and playful creatures, nothing gives your life a sense of purpose like an animal that needs you.

(If this seems contradictory, because you think rescuing animals exposes you to too much pain, remember: there's no light without dark, no day without night, and no joy without pain. It's part of life.)

Choose the course of therapy that best suits you. Except for allergies, no counter-indications apply.

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Thanks for stopping by, and happy last three days of A-to-Z-ing!


  1. I'm so leery of these types of medication! Much prefer your prescription, Guilie. ☺
    Yay - the end is in sight for the challenge! It's been an interesting experience. Cheers!
    Debbie @ The Doglady's Den

    1. Haha--indeed, Debbie! I don't like artificial meds to begin with, but it seems this anti-depressive thing is getting out of hand. Of course there's cases--borderline suicides, for instance--where medication is needed, but most "depressed" people I know, and who pop these pills in like jelly beans, are really just lacking a sense of purpose. Animals will cure that ;)

      And YAY to having the end in sight! It's been a rough month, and I'm so far behind on return visits, but it's been fun. Look forward to staying in touch past April, too.

  2. I cannot agree more with. Dogs are the best therapy. And I loved the video. definitely going to share it.

  3. In this day and age of eating more crappy food, more intense wants-must have things NOW! and being told the only thing is to win, I think people are getting more depressed. Instead of shutting off all their mobile devices, eating healthier and enjoying family time more they take pills. Puppy and dog therapy goes a long way. They bring dogs to my mom's long term care facility(my mom has dementia) and the people light up when they see the dogs. people who normally don't move will move their hand a little to pet a dog. My mom is better than some (she knows me and my brother and others but her memory is fading) will also light up and pet the dog and laugh even though she says otherwise. Animals give love and beauty and hope

  4. Adogable! I love my sweet doggies. All of them are rescue puppies but really, who is rescuing who here?

  5. They are indeed the best therapy. More people should embrace them.
    Great pictures of the dogs. So cute.

  6. Great post! I completely agree and I loved the video you shared! I'll share it as well. We need to help puppies so they can help us :) - Petnetio Anu

  7. I do not have personal experience about this, but many years back, my neighbour, a veterinary surgeon, had told me that having a pet helps in the treatment and cure or quite a few psychological and psychosomatic ailments.

  8. Dogs give love unconditionally and without any expectations. They don't talk at you, they don't require you to pour out your soul to them and the only thing they ever suggest is that you stroke them, walk them or play with them.
    One of my terriers spends a lot of his time in my study with me. I don't hear him arrive and, mostly, I don't know he's there until I get up to leave. He just wants to be with me; the other one is the same with my wife.
    I don't think I could stay depressed in the face of that.

  9. Excellent suggestion. It is so important to look to other courses of treatment than just taking a pill.

  10. Hi Guille, ya hit the nail on the head for me - Xanax helped kill one of my friends. I ended up with her dog for a while. We are in the planning of finding an old dog for some puppy therapy... and thanks for the inspiration - now that the #atozchallenge is nearly over I think I'll ring the local rescue centres this week... Thanks for helping me enjoy this years challenge
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