Sunday, September 21, 2014

B&W Sunday: The Root of My Rescue Proclivities

My mom has been rescuing dogs since long before I was born. It's in my blood.

This is Toto, one of my mother's dogs. (All rescues.) He's still heartbreakingly shy (you can see it in his eyes), but he's come a long, long way. He lives a happy life, with a sister and brother, and eight cats (with whom he gets along beautifully, by the way; I watched him one morning surveying the garden next to Pavlova, a beautiful all-white, blue-eyed cat that didn't seem too put out by his ever-closer presence). He's loved, and cherished, and has begun to learn how to play. It was a pleasure to meet you, Toto.

Thanks to Nola and Sugar for hosting the B&W hop! Do visit the other bloggers participating today; some awesome people to meet. With animal lovers you can hardly go wrong ;)


  1. What an adorable little muffin man, it's a shame what these animals go through my only wish would be that they wouldn't and shouldn't have to, but to be loved and adored to no end. ♥

  2. Great to hear that Toto is learning to trust and enjoy life. Wonderful job helping those in need.

  3. Oh sounds like my Wallace. he is a rescue and is so scared of the outside. If leaves are blowing around the noise will make him stop doing what nature intended but you can't help loving them. Toto does look shy and he needs lots of hugs and kisses even by the pussy cats

  4. I am pleased to meet you too Toto. Sometimes the healing power we humans draw from animals can help animals heal each other too!


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